where is GM_LoadGenericAsciiTextLayer ?

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I just downloaded the sdk for evaluation. I'm trying to get familiar with some of the functionality, but cant seem to locate the GM_LoadGenericAsciiTextLayer method.

How does one call the GM_LoadGenericAsciiTextLayer method?


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    The function is declared in the GlobalMapperInterface.h file. Here is the declaration:

    GM_DLL_EXPORTED GM_Error_t32 __stdcall GM_LoadGenericAsciiTextLayer
    const char* aFilename, // IN: filename of ASCII file to load
    GM_LayerHandle_t32* aLayer, // OUT: layer handle for loaded layer
    GM_LoadFlags_t32 aLoadFlags, // IN: load flags
    const GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t* aFormatInfo,// IN: optional format info (use NULL to prompt user)
    const GM_Projection_t* aProj // IN: optional projection to use for file (use NULL to prompt user)

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    I think your SDK is old.

    You can found this function declaration in the GlobalMapperInterface.h file
    and its bin body is in GlobalMapperInterface.dll .

    So you should download a newer one.
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