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I've created a couple of street maps (same area, one zoomed in, the other zoomed back) and exported them to Google Maps.

FargoZm14-16 (Google Maps Export from Global Mapper)

On the zoomed-out version (which I set at the first two zoom levels in Google), sections of the yellow background have turned white. In fact, the areas that turned white are different on the two zoom levels. This happened when the tiles were being generated -- they didn't appear on the original.

Is there any way to get some control over the colour optimizing process in the tiling, so that this doesn't happen?


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    What I could do is add an option to generate 24-bit PNG files to the Google Maps export, then all colors would be maintained exactly on export rather than color reduced. This would likely generate larger files though.

    Another option would be for you to first export all of your maps to a single 8-bit PNG (or other 8-bit, like GeoTIFF, format) with an image Optimized palette. Then you could load that map back into Global Mapper and export that to a Google Maps layer. Since the input map file would already have a palette, the palette optimizer would just use that rather than generating a new one that may slightly vary from image to image.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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