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Batch vertex elevation

waterman Global Mapper User
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I've setup an SRTM elevation layer and my water network on top. Batch procedure to update network node (point) elevations is quite straightforward. Anyone knows how to update poly-line vertices elevations in a batch fashion? Can do it one-by-one but we're talking 60.000 pipes here! Thanx in advance.:)

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  • global_mapper
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    Dr. Hatzipantelis,

    You can load your polylines and your SRTM data, then use one of the File->Export Vector menu commands like Shapefile, DXF, or Simple ASCII to export a new vector file with elevation values from the underlying SRTM data to get new 3D features. You can then load that exported file back into Global Mapper and have 3D features with elevation values.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • waterman
    waterman Global Mapper User
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    Was so easy. Was rather expecting to do it the same way it worked for the points case allright (right click on digitizer selection).
    Thanks Mike!

    Best Regards,
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