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I have a Garmin Colorado 400t series GPS handheld and was wondering if raster tiff with projection aerial files could be added to the handheld. Full county mosaics is not needed only specific areas will be included. Is this possible? Also will Global Mapper be able to read the GPS unit and transfer waypoints and routes onto a base map in the software? and can user created waypoints be made in the software and then transferred back to the GPS. Thanks for all you help!


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    As far as I know no one has been able to determine the method used by Garmin GPS devices to display raster files. I suspect that Stan at cGPSMapper (cGPSmapper - Your Tool For Creating Maps) is working on it though. When and if he, or someone else, can figure this out, Global Mapper should be able to be modified to work with it.

    Global Mapper does not currently support direct transfer of waypoint/track information with GPS devices. I would suggest using either Garmin's MapSource or the free Waypoint+ application to get the data from your device, then save it to a GPX file that Global Mapper can use.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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