Possible Contour Bug ??

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I'm 90% sure this is a bug, not 100%.

I set one core of my laptop to making contours. One-half deg package files on a side, covering an extent of 1 x 3 degrees, or 2 x 6 package files.

After 20-30 min per package file all I end up with is a 889 byte file that GM says theirs no data in the file. I think I know why.

Previously, I'd been playing with the Config dialog > Vector Display tab and most of the line types are turned off, including contours. It's my belief that GM spends a great deal of time building contours but saves nothing based on this line on/off switch.

I'm running GM 9.03, April 29

I just set my desktop building contours using the same DEMs and within a few minutes I had 3MB package files, which opened in GM and amazingly enough looked like contours. Same build of GM.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! ;)


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    That sounds like what I would expect to happen. I suppose I could throw in a check for the contour line types being filtered out for display before allowing contour generation to a file, or I could just enable them all prior to export.


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