Trimming and exporting 750 rasters

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I have approx 750 rasters ( old Russian military maps of the Ukraine) in Oziexplorer gif and map format. When I try and load them all I get an error message which I assume is basically an out of memory message ( write access violation at data address 0x00000000
and program address 0x00A33190) however I can open these files individually no problem.

BUT the real question is that I want to use these in Mapinfo so have to trim the collars off then export them in a GeoTIFF.

I can trim the collars off using the option to trim 70 pixels off each side then the rasters display beautifully in GM.

So the question is : How do I go about exporting the trimmed rasters? Do I need to create a script file to do this ( I have 750 to do...)

How would you tackle this job?




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    I suspect that you are running out of memory. I would suggest using the File->Create New Map Catalog menu command to create a map catalog with all of the GIF files in it. This will manage loading and unloading the files as needed and should fix the memory problem. You can also set up the cropping for all files in the map catalog the same.

    You could then export to GeoTIFF from that map catalog. I'd suggest using the Gridding tab when doing this to break up the export into smaller pieces.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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