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Hi - I'm new forum member from Northern VA. I purchased v8.0 over a year ago because of interest in making garmin maps for my gps. I have since become completely intrigued by the entire topic of GIS. Also, I'm interested in upgrading to v9.0x and have read in the forum that if I register in the forum I will get a 10% discount code. I can't find the link for this. When I click on purchase upgrade, it gives me $99 for the upgrade license, and $8.99 for continuous update, with no option to remove the update continuous. The link for the upgrade mentions that for $89 I will be able to get all 9.0x versions, but, like I mentioned, I can't find the link for this. I don't want to click on the $107.99 purchase button until I have warm and fuzzy where this discount is. Thanks for the help in advance.


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    Here is the discount code you can use for 10% off any Global Mapper purchase:


    This will bring the price of the Global Mapper upgrade to $89.10. You must however use it from this link:

    Product Information

    Occasionally, we have had problems where the coupon code won't take. Just clear your browser cookies (or try another browser) and then you should be good to go. Let me know if you have any problems.

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    Thanks for the link; I'll give it a shot.
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