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Just wondering what the best format would be for conversion to a format that can be ingested into Adobe Photoshop for color correction?

I have several MrSID format documents I've been breaking down into GeoTIFF gridded exports and working on them individually but if I could load a large format into Photoshop that doesn't have the 2-4 GB file size limit, I'd be a very happy camper...


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    You might try the PNG format. It should allow larger file sizes and should load into Photoshop.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    According to this document Memory allocation and usage (Photoshop CS2) Photoshop CS2 can handle TIFF up to 4 Gb. But there is no clear explanation - which type of TIFF (uncompressed or compressed). In older versions, there was limitation 30000x30000 pixels maximum. Now, I think, most problem is available RAM. So, maybe, it's better to make some subset from your rasters, find out right correction parameters in Photoshop and use some commandline software (ImageMagick or GDAL) for batch correction.
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