Imported sattelite imge has a milky colour

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I'm new to Global Mapper - so hopefully I'm excused should I be asking a strange question :)

I'm importing Aster images in to Blobal Mapper in the .hdf format but the image has a white'tish (milky) colour. Even when I export the image the milky coloutr does not dissapear. I have treid to change the transparency but with no luck.

I know from a .tif file (showing the same image) that the picture can be crystal clear in true color, so there must be a way out.

Can some one give me a hint?




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    That is strange. You might try opening the Control Center, selecting the layer, pressing Options, then going to the Color/Contrast Adjustment tab and try enabling auto-contrast and perhaps messing with the color levels. If there is a Band Setup tab, you might also try swapping the first and third bands (red and blue).

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    After enabling the auto contrast the picture was better but still a little dim. But after cranking the three Band setup tabs to a 100% i got a perfect image.

    Thanks for the help.

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