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Hello, over at the ME-DEM Project we have started testing a new site to display our Middle Earth maps, and Fantasy maps made by members of the Cartographers Guild.
What I am doing is rectifying higher resolution maps into the lower resolution map, and right now I export each subset/image separately, ending up with seperate folders and html for each. Which I manually combine by adding the higher zoom levels to the lowest resolution folder and modify the HTML.
I would like to know is could all the overlayed maps be out put at once and would Global Mapper just create higher zoom level tiles for the higher resolution data, in the level and tile range it is in, or would it create tiles at the highest zoom for even the lowest resolution data.

For example at the site we have in testing the Thrubmorton Fen map covers zooms 8 thru 12, but for the Fentor Cross area I have the Fentor Cross Village from zoom 17 to zoom 21 ,and the intermediate zoom levels covered by 2 other hi resolution maps covering less area each step (not yet on the site).

Is the manual way the only way, or would Global Mapper identify the higher resolution data and tile it accordingly, while ignoring the lower resolution data once it is the 1 zoom level greater than its native resolution.

Thanks SeerBlue of the me-dem project


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    Currently for a single export everything would be done at the same resolution. Ther is not currently a way to auto-select a resolution for each output tile based on just the inputs for that tiles, everything is done at the specified resolution.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike, it is pretty much what I thought, but I did not want to try exporting the whole thing at zoom level 21 resolution.
    I did discover a work around, I can set an area feature slightly larger than the area my high res data covers and export it and the next layer lower out at full res, and then just create the single zoom level I need for filler.
    Thanks for the excellent support. SeerBlue
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