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How to import .HEIC images into GM?

Hi GM'ers,

A client has sent me a bunch of geotagged photos from site taken on an iPhone. Unfortunately they are in .HEIC format and they won't directly register when I import them into GM. I've tried converting them to jpeg and tif format but I seem to lose the geo-tag info and I only get the option to manually rectify. I've had no problems previously when clients have sent me geotagged jpegs, tifs etc.

Has anyone else had this problem or know of a workaround?

I've attached a zipped image which should roughly be at the location shown below if you want to try...

Any help is much appreciated.




  • Apologies, I've tried to attach the image, but I'm getting a "Validation Failed" error?

    Not sure what's happening...?

  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Carrick - I use ACDSee Photo Studio Pro 2023 and it can convert HEIC to JPG and retain coordinate info which imports successfully into GM. Not sure how to private message you but would be happy to run a batch convert, given you are such a great contributor to the Forum :)

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your prompt response and offer to run a batch convert!

    In the end I got it sorted by asking my client to change the settings on his iPhone and re-exporting the photos in .jpg format which I then imported and registered to GM with no problems. Here (below) is the info I sent him in case its useful to you or others.



    (Taken from: )

  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Hah! Better solution! Didn't know that was an option on iPhones.