Global Mapper v25.0

Projection Problem with Using USGS GeoPDFs in Global Mapper 22.1


I am attempting to make combination hillshade - topographic 

location maps using Global Mapper 22.1 using Parallels 19.4.0 on 

my iMac with Mac OS 14.5. The data that I am using is 2016 

Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) - 2016 Colorado 

Hazard Mapping & Risk lidar for Eagle County, Coloado; road 

and water vector layers from the 2016 24k GeoPDFs from the 

USGS topoview; and the USDA-NRCS-NCGC Digital Raster 

Graphic MrSID (24k topo) Mosaic of Eagle County, Colorado

The CWCB lidar and USDA-NRCS-NCGC Digital Raster Graphic 

(Topo Mosaic) mesh perfectly without any problems. However, the 

vector and raster layers in USGS GeoPDFs are misaligned with the 

merged CWCB lidar and USDA topo mosaics. I supect that it is a

problem with the USGS geoPDFs have a mismatching projection.

It is possible to reproject the geoPDFs so they match with 

with the other GIS files?

I have experimented, fiddled, and looked around and not been

unable to find out how to  do it.

Can anyone help?

The sources of the data are

Colorado Water Conservation Board - Colorado Hazard 

Mapping & Risk lidar

USGS topoview viewer - GeoPDFs

USDA-NRCS-NCGC Digital Raster Graphic (Topo Mosaic)



  • Try attaching the PDFs as rasters. Those vectors look a bit funky anyway, but if you need them, you need them. I use the GeoPDFs from USGS all the time, always come in at the proper coordinates. Using 25.1

  • Thank you for the tip. It is well appreciated.

    By the way, I  found that a person can generate 24k USGS geoPDFs using the USGS topoBuilder Application v: 1.5.6 at .

    Out of curiosity, I tested a few somewhat randomly chosen 24k GeoPDFs generated from that source in Global Mapper. So far, the raster files extracted from the GeoPDFs registered perfectly with the lidar and the GeoTifs. Why these GeoPDFs work fine with Global Mapper and others don't is beyond my level of expertise.