Global Mapper v25.0

How to create a new layout (i.e. paper dimensions)

CraigA Global Mapper User

I've just started using GM, quite a few years after I last used it. I've looked at options for layouts, and I'm not sure that any fit my needs. I don't want to make a final map in GM. Instead, I want to export data to edit in Adobe Illustrator. I've tried editing an existing layout with my new dimensions but that didn't work, though I could manually change the shape of the layout. I also think that the export options are to image files and PDF (as an image?) only. I need to export fully-editable data (vector) and raster elements. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


  • CraigA
    CraigA Global Mapper User

    I should add that I need to zoom into and out of the map to export specific areas.