Global Mapper v25.0

Point Cloud Importing Wrong Location

I am having trouble importing a point cloud to it's correct location. The thing is, when I bring in the same file to Civil 3D, QGIS, and Recap Pro, it comes in correctly. So i think this is a Global Mapper learning curve. The point cloud is referenced to Texas State plane coordinate system Central (ft) (epsg 6578). In global mapper i open the data source file (have tried e57, las, and autodesk rcp file), when the prompt comes up I tell it the correct CRS and when it opens it is not just a little bit off... not even in left field, its out of the ballpark. Can someone help me out with this? I would love to use GM more but some of these quirks keep me grounded on it. I appreciate the feedback!


  • that is epsg 6587**

  • Update... Recap could be the issue. Regardless, the LAS file came out of Cyclone Register 360 and it is also coming into GM wrong. I also have public lidar and an orthomosiac that both came into GM correctly. It seems like the data is reverting back to meters when it is being imported into GM. Regardless of applying the correct project, it still comes in as meters ( i think). If anyone is able to help me I would be very grateful. Thanks.

  • correct projection**

  • I was able to resolve this by applying a scale factor converting meters to feet (3.2808333333465). Make sure you enter the complete value to make sure the data is not only shifted but scaled to the correct size. It seems like this should automatically be applied when you import the data and apply the correct CRS, but this wasnt the case for us. Alternatively, we brought in some public lidar that was shot in UTM 14 and applied the State Plane CRS and everything came in fine, so not really sure what was different on our terrestrial scan point cloud.