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How to set Path Profile to show location where vector linework crosses path?

Before I retired, I worked with Global Mapper 17. With it, the path profile not only indicaes each bend in the path as a large yellow dot, but also the location where lines and the boundary of area polygons intersects the path profile's path as a dot with a vertical line through it as the attached path profile shows. 

For personal projects, I now have Global Mapper 22. Using it, the path profile shows each bend in the path as a large yellow dot. However, the path profile does not show its intersection of its path with vector lines and  boundaries of area polygons as a dot with a vertical line. I cannot remember how to set the path profiles so it shows these intersections as shown in the attached path profiles. 

Can someone remind me how to do it?

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  • alienyouth
    alienyouth Global Mapper User
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    Hello @Inselberg

    In the "Path Profile/Line of Sight" window as shown in image you attached:

    • Click on Path Setup > Path Profile Settings
    • Tick the option "Draw Line/Area Features that Cross Path", then "OK".
    • You can toggle other settings to see the effects on your profile display.



  • Hi, Inselberg!

    Did I understand correctly that the profile is crossed by vertical lines (relatively, mine workings)?

  • The verticle lines are not mine workings, but where vector lifework crosses the papth of the path profile/

  • Thank you for you help. It is well appreciated.