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MBtiles Terrain Data Export

trax.namibia Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I am trying to export terrain data to an MBtiles file, but the GMG option is greyed out.

I have tried changing the projectionbto EPSG3857 as well as ensuring that only terrain data is loaded, but the GMG option is still grey in the MBtiles export dialog.

What do I need to do to export terrain data tiles to an MBtiles file?


  • Howdy

    Unfortunately, it looks like the MBTiles format doesn't support terrain/elevation rasters.  It supports only vector or image tiles and interactivity grid tiles. (Source: MBTiles spec sheet, MapBox Page)

    The presence of the greyed-out GMG option is because the same dialog template used for exporting MBTiles is shared between all of the web format exports (i.e. Google Maps, Bing, etc.), so there are some options on there that are grayed out, depending on the format selected (GM-10326).

  • trax.namibia
    trax.namibia Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Many thanks Amanda - I thought it was too good to be true. I was looking forward to having DEMS resampled at different zoom levels without to do too much work!

    I guess I'll have to create GMGs at the different zoom levels manually :-(