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Distance Cross Course along two lines

I have two polylines. One of the polylines is the theoretical laying position of a submarine cable (the intended position to lay the cable) and the second polyline is the actual laying position where it was laid. I need to generate an attribute for every point along a specified distance (Chainage) along the theoretical line position showing the distance away from these points to the actual laying position of the second polyline (i.e. "Distance-Cross-Course" or "Distance-Off-Line"). The value should be negative when the point of the second polyline (actual laying position) is to the left of the line (looking along the theoretical line) and positive when it is to the right. This information, chainage and Distance-cross-course, have to be inserted later in an excel file.


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    1.Create Points from the theoretical line position

    2.Select the Points and the actual line position and use CHAINAGE - Connect the Selected Points to Selected Lines with New Lines .

    3.Now your points will have an attribute showing the distance to line and also an attribute showing the side of the line.

    4.Select by attributes the points that are in the left side and modify the distance attribute to negative.