Global Mapper v25.0

Creating and saving a DEM TIF file from a Resampled file


I have a question. I have a DEM file with resolution 15 cm and I want to change it to 4 m resolution. Does Global Mapper software have the option to resample the resolution from 15 cm to 4 m resolution and create a DEM TIF file that I could be able to read the elevation data from it using the Global Mapper software?

In addition, I checked out some of the website and they introduced that I could use the software ArcMap and I should select in the “Arc toolbox” as following:

Data Management Tools – Raster – Raster Processing – Resampling

And from here I changed the resolution X and Y to 4m * 4m

When the file is created I select the “File” menu tab and select “Export map” and then save the file as TIF.

In this time, when I want to use again the Global Mapper software to read the elevation data as a DEM file, it seems the resampled file data is not completely saved as a DEM TIF data file and it seems it has some problem for opening the file and Global Mapper request "Image Ractifier" to choose 2 ground control points! 

What should I do? Is there any easy way to resample my DEM TIF data to a new resolution DEM TIF data to read the new elevations? 

Thanks for your response


Amir Farshadfar