Global Mapper v25.0

Automatic Classification of Point Cloud Technical problem

I use GM Pro v25.1 on a 64Bit Windows 10 machine.

I have read through BM forum, but no such issues are being reported on, therefore my queries.

Short description of problem:


I want to auto classify points.

All the layers are selected in the Control Centre (CC).

Click Automatic Point Cloud Analysis (APCA) icon to open APCA dialog box.

All the layers in the APCA dialog box are selected.

I do not want to do all in one go due to the large dataset.

Check All to deselect all the layers.

However, when Check All again only some of the layers get selected.

It is also not possible to manually select some of the layers that were not selected by the Check All tick box.

When I close the program and open it again and Auto Classify then other layers get selected in the APCA dialog box.

Now closed and opened program and Auto Classify again.

These are now the layers that are selectable in the Auto Classify dialog box:


Using a draw box to select an area to classify:

The box is not active on a layer that is not selected in the APCA but is selected in the Control Centre and visible to view.

I need URGENT assistance, please.