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How to keep units in feet for drawn lines?

James_ Global Mapper User

GM 23.1

Projection in feet, vertical units in feet. Existing line elevation in feet -drawn line snaps to vertices, on completion drawn line vertices in meters. 


Projection ESPG 6430 Colorado North ft(US), Planer Units feet(US Survey). Vertical options Statute (ft), Measure/Units all feet/yards etc

For imported files, checking MetatdData - units are all in feet

This issue of shifting to meters has been around for many versions of GM - Is there a fix for this yet? Shifting to meters randomly is ..... Annoying.

Thank you for your time.


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  • James_
    James_ Global Mapper User
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    Thanks Mike - Adding functionality and improvements for years and years. Cheers.


  • bmg_mike
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    I have improved the logic when creating a new line in a new layer when snapping to an existing 3D feature. Now the new layer will use the expected elevation units, so you would always get Feet if your Vertical Options -> Elevation Display / Export Units are set to Statute.

    This change will be in the GM 25.1.x daily build later this week at .



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