Global Mapper v25.0

ECW draped on Las file - How to view in 3d?

I have a las file I created a Grid for and placed it under my ECW in my Workspace so it overlays. How can I see this imagery overlay when opening the view in 3d? I think I am to export a file in some way but I am not sure.

Also, as a follow up, is there a way to keep the Lidar Points as points and have them inherit the imagery color and then have this draw in 3d?

Thank you!



  • As a follow up.. I should have mentioned that I tried to 'Apply color to Lidar Points' . I got a message that said it finished but I can't tell that anything is different on my Lidar points as far as having a natural/imagery color applied to them.

  • Bah.. i see now. for those that need to know. Once you run Apply color to Lidar Points, change your LiDar classification to Color LiDar by RGB/Elev.