Global Mapper v25.0

Capture "Reset to Last Export Bounds"

kfroese Geotechnical EngineerTrusted User

On a recent project, I've had to use the "Reset to Last Export Bounds" several times to create drawings for our field technicians over the last month. Fortunately, I haven't printed from any other GM projects so the "Last Export Bounds" remain from this job. It would be nice to save those bounds as a layer so they could easily be reproduced.

I know I can simply copy the coordinates for a box but a quick right-click would be handier!


  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User

    And I've answered my own question - this already exists!

    Create Rectangle/Square Area (Specify Coordinates) includes the option to capture "Last Export Bounds!"

    Good job, GM, anticipating my needs!