Global Mapper v25.0

Export Point XY

I need to export 100+ points to a CVS file, along with their XY or Lat Long (which is not included in the point database, i.e, I will need GM to provide the XY or Lat Long). How?


  • Hi!

    First, tell us about your initial data. It's better to attach or provide a link. But at least the file format.

  • Not sure this will help: I drew a line between 2 points, then created points 50 meters along the line ("advance Feature Options/Create points features spaced along selected feature"). When I use "feature info tool" on any of the points, then choose "Location", i see both XY and lat long information. However, when I view the info using "search" and I see the layer there, there is no location data there whatsoever. What am I missing?

  • If still relevant

  • Excellent. Thanks very much!