Global Mapper v25.0

Hydro flattening is driving me crazy

I've been hydro-flattening bodies of water since version 18.2. Now with version 25 I've run into an issue where the elevation grids I've created from lidar data have holes everywhere. It only happens when I select a vector layer designating the body of water. Normally I get a solid grid with the No data distance set in the middle. With the vector break line included I can have the slider all the way to the right and it still looks like Swiss cheese lol! I'm pretty sure I've done this in version 25, but I've been working for the last 30 hours so I could be confused. Any ideas about what's wrong?


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    Try this:

    Put the slider 1 step to the left so almost maximum and create the grid again. I've experienced the same with lidar in the last builds when using DTM or DSM options. When using TIN it was ok. It s a bug

  • Hi,

    You can also try to create a grid without the vector geometry and model de terrain after, using the same vector, via terrain painting tool.