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Write table of lot numbers that a line crosses

I have a shapefile for the lot boundaries with the lot number etc contained in the attributes for each polygon. I have drawn lines to represent banks that are to be licenced. I need to prepare a table of all the lot numbers that each bank is located on.

Is it possible to select a line and then create a list of lot numbers that that line crosses.



  • In summary I have a layer of polygons, each with a set of attributes. I then have another layer of lines. I would like to select a line and create a table of attributes for any polygon that the line passes through.

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    I would do like this:

    1. Select all lines
    2. Right click, Selection, Select all areas that the selected lines intersect.
    3. Copy results to a new layer
    4. Create centroids for the polygons in the new layer
    5. Export csv with the results
  • Thanks 946. Will give it a go.