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Write table of lot numbers that a line crosses

I have a shapefile for the lot boundaries with the lot number etc contained in the attributes for each polygon. I have drawn lines to represent banks that are to be licenced. I need to prepare a table of all the lot numbers that each bank is located on.

Is it possible to select a line and then create a list of lot numbers that that line crosses.



  • In summary I have a layer of polygons, each with a set of attributes. I then have another layer of lines. I would like to select a line and create a table of attributes for any polygon that the line passes through.

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    I would do like this:

    1. Select all lines
    2. Right click, Selection, Select all areas that the selected lines intersect.
    3. Copy results to a new layer
    4. Create centroids for the polygons in the new layer
    5. Export csv with the results
  • Thanks 946. Will give it a go.

  • G'day 946

    I just tried to do what you said. It gives me a list of the lot numbers but it doesn't tell me which line crosses each lot number. Each line has a name. I need a list of lot numbers that that the line with name XX crosses if that is possible.

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    So before doing the 5 steps do this:

    1.Select all your areas.

    2.Right click go to Attribute/Style Functions and select Copy Attributes Between Overlapping.

    3.Choose From Loaded Line to Selected Area

    4.Any overlap.

    5.Now all tour areas will have an attribute with the name of the line that crosses it.

  • That is perfect. Thank you.