Global Mapper v25.0

Query Points / Vertices for position

Is there any way to query a vertex to get a copy/paste-able position?

Right now, the only options I can find are:

  1. With snapping on, "create POINT AT POS", and pull the position from the data fields, BUT, the position is from the cursor point and not the snapped point (Any way to fix this?)
  2. Add "Coordinate/Bounds Attributes to Selected Features" - not very helpful when you're just after a single vertex lat/long AND the attribute value is not in the captured in the selected Global "Position Display Format" (i.e. decimal degrees and not whatever else I need).

This would appear to be a very simple request from a GIS program so I'm really scratching my head here! 😁

BR, Oli


  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    Hi Oli,

    You can use Ctrl+L to copy the current cursor location to the clipboard (either in the current projection or as lat/lon coordinates).

    If you have a point feature whose location you want, you can use the Feature Info Tool to select it, then copy the location from the Geometry field at the top.

    For feature vertices, you can open the vertices dialog for a line/area feature and copy the vertices to the clipboard, but it is the entire list. If you need just a single vertex we could pretty easily provide a right-click option on that dialog to copy the coordinates for the selected vertex to the clipboard.



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