Global Mapper v25.0

Support for ITRF2008 Datum and GGM10 Geoid


One of the customers we are working with (the Mexican Government) requires the data to be in a specific format, the coordinate system/projection must be UTM(11-16, EPSGs:6361-6373) ITRF2008 Mexico Datum (, and the Geoid GGM10.

From Novatel's website:


  • GGM10 is a gravimetric geoid model for Mexico computed by the General Direction of Geography and Environment at the INEGI. It covers the region from 14° to 33° in latitudes and from 86° to 119° in west longitude, with a grid resolution of 2.5 arc-minutes. It is based on gravity data collected from 1970 up to June 2010. See for more information.

We noticed that Global Mapper only supports WGS84 and EGM2008/96

We are trying to bid on a large job that requires the delivery of the data on these 2 formats, also part of the job is the sale of around 10 workstations with the software and licenses included.

We hate ArcGIS/QGis and global mapper is a far superior product but they do support these projection/Datum/Geoid and global mapper does not.

Would it be possible to add support for these 2 projection/Datum/Geoid models to the software on one of the next releases so we can offer global mapper as part of our bid?

We realize its annoying to ask to add these kinds of things but the Mexican government uses these as the de-facto standard and does not accept anything that does not come on those two specific formats.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hello! My English is bad, so in pictures:

    To do this you need to download and install Geographic Calculator.

  • Thanks for the response, I saw how to add it using the "Enable GeoCalc Projection mode" and it does work.

    But this seems like more of a workaround/patch rather than a formal fix

    Whenever I turn off the GeoCalc button the data resets itself back to WGS84, and every project needs to have this done and turned on every time.

    Since it does not show on the official list means its not auto detected or stored in the data headers, which will cause problems later.

    I can see there's some obscure African datums in the main list, surely the official Mexican government datum warrants a slot on the main datums list.

    I can see theres a way to load "datums from file" is there a way to manually add these datums to the main list using a file?

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the answers