Global Mapper v25.0

How to Reproject File after import

We are learning how to use GM and need some help converting a lidar (las) file that is being interpreted as meters to US feet.  I understand how to change the projection settings under the configuration button, but this does not reproject the file itself. So far, we have been able to set the coordinate system to the correct state plane coordinate system, but the northings and eastings remain in meters.


  • If you would like to change the workspace's vertical units from meters to feet, go to Configuration - Vertical Options - and under Elevation Display/Export Units change the setting from Native Overlay to Statue (ft). All loaded data will then be displayed and exported in feet. You might also want to change your Elevation Legend and Distance Scale to feet as well (Configuration - Display Options).

    Note: Reprojections, data alterations, and other changes are only applied to the data in the workspace. To see these changes reflected in a .las file, you will need to export the data.