Global Mapper v25.0

Exporting to PDF: Number of Classes/Colors from "Classify Area Features" does not match

curtcarto Global Mapper User


I've tested GMv24s "Classify Area Features" function by classifying some parcel data by its value field.

  • Tried to use only 10 Classes and 10 bin. But the bins seems to alway revert to 15.
  • But my main problem is that when the Layout is exposed to PDF, those 10 classes are not "clean" there are color variations all over the place.
  • So, I can't just separate the file into 10 layers by color, because now there's seemingly infinite color variations of each of those classes.

Now, I've tried opening the PDF is both Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator and the color variation is the same. So it's something about how GM is exporting the colors. It's not exporting each class of data as a single, solid color.

Any ideas?