Global Mapper v25.0

Auto Classification not working

I have two .laz files loaded that I downloaded from the NOAA: Data Access Viewer website. When I try to classify ground (or anything else) nothing happens when I click the "classify features" button. I cannot find any reason why this should not be working. Anyone have this same problem? I'm using GM Pro v. 25.1


  • You'll need to provide some more data for this, maybe a screenshot of your settings (the "automatic point cloud analysis" toolbar.

  • I submitted a tech support request and received an answer. Turns out there is a known bug... It needs to be in a projected coordinate system to work.

  • Have you tried exporting from GM as a .las whilst you have the projection you want in your main settings, then loading in the .las? I've found that when I spatially thin point clouds it won't let me run auto-classification on that layer, but if I export/import that layer then it works.


  • Thanks NickV, it just needs to be in a projected coordinate system.

  • Has the bug been resolved? I have a point cloud that we scanned using a terrestrial scanner. It is in state plane. For some reason when I go into the automatic point cloud analysis window, it will not let me select the check box of the point cloud I need to classify. If I go to Lidar Analysis> Automatic Classification> Ground then the Automatic Point Cloud Analysis window pops up with the correct point cloud checked but Classify Features is greyed out. Super quirky.

  • Figure this one out... we simply closed and restarted the program and it works.