Global Mapper v25.0

Problem with downloading online imagery

While working with Global mapper, I am disturbed continuously/repeatedly with this problem since more than a year. Whether it's only for me, it's surprising. Upto working with version 23 it was ok. But since then-after, with every new version, I cannot load online imagery like world imagery or open topo or street map etc. It keeps on spinning forever and I have to close the project, the open the project with older version, then it works. While working with version 24 I had to open it in v23 for loading those imageries. Now working with v25, same problem but now it works with v24. Why is this happening? It's irritating that i am workin gwith newest version- want to compare results with imageries and then it hangs when I click online opening and habe to go back and open with older version. Any idea, anyone there?