Global Mapper v25.0

Utility Pole Extraction

Curious if anyone out there has had any success extracting poles from lidar. We have classified point cloud data, so should be a pretty simple process from here. However, we cannot figure out how to get the software to function properly. Sometimes it finds no poles or some poles. Our lidar density is good - approx. 70-100 ppsm. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!


  • I don't have the LiDAR module sorry, but I have used CloudCompare (free) to detect timber supports in underground mines using the CANUPO plugin. You have to train it first but there is a good video explaining how do this on YouTube. It's not too complicated as I learnt how to use it in a few hours of playing around.

    Once isolated you can use the RANSAC Shape Detection plugin in CloudCompare to generate cylinders around each support. Or in your case telephone pole. This will allow you to export the 3D shapes to a format for import into other software.

    You can also use CloudCompare to Compute Geometric Features and choose Verticality. You can then adjust the scalar slider to hide non-vertical points.