Global Mapper v25.0

Update 2/2/24 - Global Mapper v25.1 Beta is now available

Hello Forum Users!

Would you like to test and give your input on new tools and features before the official software release? This is your chance. You will have access to the updated beta release today with a license that is valid until February 13th, 2024. Please use this time to thoroughly test the software, with a specific focus on the newly added functionality. You can contact the Blue Marble testing team by email at with questions, concerns, or if you need more information.

Follow the link below to download a copy of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro v.25.1 with the beta license:

Download Global Mapper Pro Beta

This version includes many new and improved capabilities, most of which were added based on ongoing requests and suggestions from users. Below is a list of the new features implemented in Global Mapper v25.1. Please read the list carefully, as some of the items include special instructions and requests.

Release Notes for Global Mapper Pro 25.1 Beta:

Pixels to Points Updates

  • Automated Ground Control Point PlacementTool
  • When Images and GCPs are loaded the tool will associate GCPs with candidate images, user can choose to automatically place the GCPs within the images
  • New Settings added for Ground Control Point Labels
  • Select Label Font Button added to Ground Control Point Info Menu to change label style
  • GCPs labels are now visible in the Image Preview window

Path Profile Updates

  • Terrain Painting functionality has been added to the Path Profile view
  • Terrain Painting can be access and used from the Path Profile View in the main toolbar
  • Parallel Path Profiles can be now be created and viewed in the Path Profile View
  • In the Path Profile Configuration a tab for Perpendicular/Parallel Profile has been added
  • Parallel Profiles can be flipped through using the left and right buttons on the main Path Profile Toolbar, the same as Perpendicular Profiles
  • Path Profile Configuration menu has been reorganized for easier use
  • The Path Profile Configuration Menu has been broken down into tabs with more user friendly layouts
  • Path Profiles can now display Shaders
  • A shader dropdown menu has been added to the Path Profile view

Subclass Selection for Lidar Classification and Custom Classes

  • In the Automatic Point Cloud Analysis window add a Custom Class. In the Custom Class settings there is an option to add the class as the Subclass of another existing Classification. This will allow the Selected Classification to be included in the Custom Classification Analysis and to be reclassified as needed.

Trimble Support Implemented

GNSS Support expanded to include TCP/IP Communication

  • Requires a GNSS device which can communicate via TCP/IP

Compare Point Cloud Tool now reports the offset between the point cloud and Terrain

  • The Compare Lidar Point Clouds dialog now includes an option to Compare to Grid Layer and the ability to select a Terrain Layer

3D Printer Friendly OBJ and STL exports

  • OBJ and STL export menus now include streamlined options for scaling the print to a manageable arbitrary size scaled for printing/CNC and adding the solid bottom and sidewall

Grid creations options added to Swath Separations

  • Swath Separation Image menu now includes a check box to Save Overlap Difference Elevation Grid

Crop Mesh using Area Feature

  • The Crop Dialog now Includes options for Mesh to be the Cropped Data

Reporting an Error

If you encounter any errors, please contact and include the following information:

  • Description of the error/undesirable behavior
  • Workflow to reproduce the error
  • Data used (or sample/dummy data in the case of any proprietary datasets)
  • Report error messages with as much available text as can be copied, or a screenshot.
  • Expected behavior

Including as much of this information as possible will ensure that we can get a detailed report to our development team and resolve your issue promptly. Updated builds will be released throughout the beta testing period, so if you encounter a problem that stops your testing, we’ll try to get a fix out as soon as possible.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to help improve Global Mapper.


The Blue Marble Beta Team