Global Mapper v25.0

How do I delete points with duplicate attributes that are close to each other?

I have a set of point data which I have attached which contains some duplicates. They can be found by doing a search for features with duplicate attribute values. In some cases there are two points close together, while in other cases they are very far apart. If they are close together (e.g., <10 metres), I would like to delete one (or ideally take the average location). Any that are greater than the threshold (>=10) should be set aside for manual review (e.g., create a new attribute for ToBeChecked)

I have never done scripting before, but feel that this may require some coding. Can you point me in the right direction?


  • I had to do something like this a while back and this worked for me. It's not elegant but it works.

    1. Use Find Duplicate Features - use the Tolerance field to input 10m
    2. Cut and Paste the duplicates to a new layer to isolate them (also remove them from the original data)
    3. Buffer the points by 5m ensuring not to combine them
    4. Use Combine to merge the circles - ensuring to only combine features by an attribute e.g. JDM_PLAN
    5. Select the merged circles
    6. Use Create New Points at Centroids of Selected Area Features
    7. The new points should have all the original attributes and be central to the duplicates
    8. Repeat steps to weed out any points with duplicate attributes that may remain