Global Mapper v25.0

Apply Straight Gradient between Intermediate Points


I'm using GM more and more for simple civil earthworks design and really like the ability to "Evenly Spread Elevations Between First and Last Elevation" which is GM speak for "apply a straight gradient between first and last points".

However, if the design gradient is not even along whole profile and you'd like to apply different gradients over certain sections, then the current command sadly does not work (my workaround is to break the design centreline into a number of sections at various gradients).

Could you guys please look at modifying this tool so that the "first" and "last" vertex elevations are just those highlighted, as shown below?




  • 1st.In the list of vertices, select the item with the z-value you need to change and set the value to 0.

    2nd. If you select "Interpolate Elevations to Replace 0 Values" from the context menu, only vertices with a z-value of 0 will be interpolated.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi @seongwon

    Thanks very much for the tip - that's exactly what I needed!

    I had never seen the "Interpolate Elevations to Replace 0 Values" options before as it only pops up in the menu/selection list after you insert zeros. Maybe it needs to be moved up to the previous menu so that users can see its an option?



  • hennie
    hennie Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Great tip! Thanks.

  • Brilliant. It would be nice to see this tool become more intuitive, though!

    Thanks for asking the question, I'd always just broken my lines up as well.