Global Mapper v25.0

Map Layout Editor - Arrow Element - Not Usable with Rotated Map

When using Arrow Element in Layout Editor the actual arrow head and the selection box for the arrowhead do not match. I have noticed this issue in GM 24.1 and it has continued to GM 25. I am just now posting because I just found out what was causing the Arrow Element to Display Incorrectly in Some of my Maps; anytime the map is rotated using Rotate Map the Arrow Element Becomes unusable. See Image for Example of an arrow in a Rotated Map


  • Hi @MBeach

    I noticed the same issue, but there is so much going on with the Map Layout Editor I didn't bother posting here or notifying The MLE is improving (slowly) with each new version, but still needs a major review to iron out the (many) remaining bugs.

    Happy to help with this if the powers that be are serious about fixing...