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Small size of control center layer list check boxes

fluvial Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I just changed from V23 to V25. The checkboxes and file type symbols on the list of loaded files on the Control Center panel are very small, almost too small to see and click with the mouse. V23 did not have this problem - the checkboxes were the same size as the text used to describe the layer. How do I correct this? They might look visible in the screen shot below but it is magnified in size. Notice they are half the height of the text.



  • Hi @fluvial,

    Greetings from sunny Perth!

    That's weird. I've used GM since V16 (now using GM25) and tick boxes have remained the same size throughout, as shown below. Have you made any significant changes to your computer recently?

    I suggest you download the latest daily build (here: and see if that fixes it, otherwise sounds like a job for the guys at



  • fluvial
    fluvial Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Thanks for suggestion. I tried it but it had no effect.

    I am also a long term GM user, started with V8 in 2006. I've never had this issue. I did not change my computer in any way, just loaded V25 and started it. One minute V23 was working fine, then next minute V25 had this peculiar problem. Also, the text in the window when GM first opens is much smaller than before. All other text on the interface is the same size as V23.

    I do use a large external monitor, a wide TV screen. But that's nothing new, I've been doing that for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, I experimented unplugging the HDMI cable from my computer. On my laptop screen, the interface was then very messed up, this time with gigantic tools icons, the opposite of tiny check boxes! not useable. Then I restarted GM without the external monitor connected, and... the interface looked fine. So, the problem is the external monitor. GM V25 does not work properly with an external monitor. I need to go to GM technical assistance.

  • Don't fret, it's a known issue with V25 which included:

    "An additional update is the improved display behavior on high-resolution screens. Global Mapper is now better able to take full advantage of high DPI displays. Menus and dialogs will more accurately adjust when moved between monitors of differing resolutions and scales.".

    Described here: Top New Features in Global Mapper Standard v25.0 - Blue Marble Geographics

    I raised this issue with support last week and it's been logged as: GM-16425 In high DPI, control center checkboxes are too small

  • fluvial
    fluvial Global Mapper User Trusted User

    I have contacted GM technical support, and they replied. As Johno mentioned, the problem appears to have been previously reported and GM are working on a solution.