Global Mapper v25.0

Loading ICESat-2 points from HDF5 format


I am trying to load in raw ICESat-2 points using the unsupported HDF5 template to no avail. I am attempting to visualize points from the ATL08 product. The coordinates are referenced in the following directories:

longitude: gt3r/land_segments/longitude

latitude: gt3r/land_segments/latitude

After attempting to save the parameters I encounter an error stating "The template HDF5 file does not contain all the tables in this HDF5 Definition."

I've attempted changing directories to gt1r, gt2r, and so on and yet the error persists. I am able to use these same files to convert to .las, .kmls, and .geojsons in other programs but never able to view the raw format. Is it possible to view ICESat-2 in GM?