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Help with drawing contours and determining quotas - hypsometry

Hello, I would like to ask you - the experts - for help with one homework assignment for credit. We have a total of three attempts to submit one map. I missed one attempt due to my social situation and the absence of a laptop. Of course, I have a library at my disposal, but it's only open half a day and I can't borrow a laptop because - as I'm sure you understand - I don't want to walk down the street and into the forest - someone might steal it. I can't be in the dormitory at the moment because of full capacities and hostels and other accommodation facilities are full. I prefer to wait for free capacity - since the dormitories are cheap and the cheapest hostel will cost me five times the price of one night in the dorm. Yes, you heard me right, I sleep in the forest because of the large number of thefts in Prague, and in the forest, in such a dwelling, no one can rob me. /kol reads as follows: I missed the first attempt and fellows who practice with me, about 97% of people had an unrecognized bad map and received zero points instead of the full -15 points. I didn't hand in any map on the first attempt - it is possible to draw it by hand, but the trainer - a woman - said that it was very risky due to errors and inaccuracies. So we got some random program - it's called OO Mapper, where we have to draw the map. There are other programs where it is possible to draw, like CAD or ARCGis - which I have installed and I will try to do it in it. I have to submit the map to the mailbox by 12:00 tomorrow - now it is already -10 for the full number of points, it decreases with each attempt, and on the third attempt it is only 5 points full. I am asking you - experts - on the CAD forum and everywhere else, if there is an opportunity to explain to me the solution to the example of drawing contours with elevations and a flowing river, including the supplementary contour and the slope contour and the elevation - the number that is located in the contour and not marked with a cross. I've been given this map - on which I'm supposed to use a grid - which will be offset about 1cm from the edge.

1. At all intersections, I have to find the height above sea level with an accuracy of one meter - please, how should I find the height above sea level, when I don't know how, and it is only stated there that if there is no other way, the height can be found based on the distance of d from the nearest contours. Then I should transfer this grid and the intersections - dimensions - to a new A4 sheet, where I will mark the contour lines - by linear interpolation

2. On the grid, I should mark the intersections of the line segments with contour lines - dashed and connect the intersections to create contour lines. Please, I have read countless documents and books where this is not explained. I only found this method, which I described and then the method of triangulation - like some girls in the subway at O2 in the ads - where there are similar triangles - triangulation and the contour is supposed to flow through them. Honestly, does it have to be calculated according to the formula, where should the contour go, or can it be done by eye? Another method is the Voroné diagram - where it is the English Natural Neighboiur - or Thiessen's polygomes, where it is solved geometrically. Can you please advise me how to draw it quickly or in another way?

3. I should mark the flowing river there, including the additional contour, then the numbers that are marked directly into the contour and the gradient.

I honestly don't know how to do it, and the instructors at the exercises absolutely did not show how to draw and develop the map. That's why the death rate is so high.

Can I ask you - experts - for advice and at least how should I proceed when creating quotas, painting contours and whether it is better to do it manually or how to proceed when creating in the application? Is it not possible to somehow download the area from the internet, just a contour line on a white background with a flowing river, altitude quotas in the form of 2 connected triangles and an additional contour line?

I am attaching a sample map of how it should look. In addition, I was given a map of the Moravian-Silesian region, and now I don't know if I should somehow scan the map into the program and get the required information from there, or should I find the area in the program? In addition, it would not be possible to work it out manually from a printed map - input?

I am attaching a map of hypsometry, how it should look and my input of the map

Please, Could I ask you If you would help me with my homework.

1. On your map, draw a grid about the side of the square, so that it is 16 cm high and 20 cm wide - the grid is completed with diagonals, so that four right triangles are formed in each square. 

 2. In all intersecting lines, find the altitude to the nearest meter 3. Drag the elevation data grid to the new map field, located 1 cm from the left edge. 4. Elevation points are the only information we have about the relief. The task is based on the values ​​of these points to depict the relief using isolines - contours Method of linear interpolation. 5. The basic contour interval is 4m and the highlighted contour interval is 20m. 6. Find the intersections of all line segments with all contours in the entire grid. 7. By interconnecting the interpolated intersections of the same altitude, you draw an isoline, i.e. a contour line. 

8. Draw the gradients, in the saddles, the depression and the contours surrounding the peak and the height quota.

I send you picture of one screenshot Éxample of map with contour lines - How to draw contour lines on paper A4 with river and points or quotas.

 I send you example of 2 maps, where example of map map of full points with contour lines and I must from this map to give on paper A4 points - quotas with contour lines from example of Example of map with contour lines. Final map will be example screenshot with name Final map contour lines

Final map is Black-white colour - second file. Please Could I ask you about help with this homework? Please Im a new member on your internet site Global Mapper Forum and I dont know where is button - post a new thread to post my homework thare. I apologize but I can only a little bit English so I dont know if my english is cleany.

Honestly, Im very sad about not doing my homework. Thank you for your advice

My picture s of my homework:

My map:

My Final map of my homework with contour lines and points - quotas and river plus other things

Other pictures How to do my homework but I cant do it

Please Could I help me with my homework.I dont know if I can paint in some program or painting with my hand with pens...Thank you for your advice