Global Mapper v25.0

Downloading topography/imagery within polygon defaults

Now this is an issue I have ALL the time. I am very often creating polygons and then downloading imagery or topography in that particular polygon.

Every single time, I select the polygon, go to download from an online and immediately fill the screen contents with the online source having completely forgotten to restrict it to my polygon in the checkbox below.

EVERYTIME. I just cannot program my brain to remember there is the checkbox down there.

BUT, really I think if you currently have a polygon selected, 9 times out of 10, when you go to attempt to download from an online source you are going to want it to be downloaded within the currently selected polygon.

I believe the default setting should change if you have an active polygon selected so that by default the online source will download into the current selection rather than flooding the screen.

This has become a little bit more annoying when accessing the premium NextMap products as you only get so much per month.

All the best,



  • Plus 1, as well as providing the option to automatically enable the polygon restriction for an operation (i.e. gridding, volume calcs, etc) if there is a polygon selected.