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Select lidar point above something

Hi everyone,

I have lidar data from a flight over powerline. I was able to 3d vectorized the power line and create a 2m 3d buffer, but I can't find a way to select lidar point above it.

Any idea on how to do it? The goal is to detect tree branches just above the line nut with reduced to little manual input



  • bmg_mike
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    What you can do is select the powerline line feature with the Digitizer Tool, then right-click and select the Analysis sub-menu option to create a Path Profile from the line. You can then use the Path Profile option to select everything above a line and draw the powerline path in the profile and select everything above it.

    I have created todo item GM-16328 to add a more generic 'select Lidar above a line/area' command to make this more straightforward.



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  • Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply.

    I am able to do it, selecting "select everything above a line" and drawing using the powerline as a guide, but it's manual drawing.

    Will your new function on the todo list, "select Lidar above a line/area" automatically select the lidar point without having to manually draw?