Global Mapper v25.0

XML export with retained state plane scale factor

I'm trying to export an xml that was generated from coordinates collected with surface values. I've imported the xml into Global Mapper and applied the appropriate state plane scale factor for the project to shift the data into the correct position, and need to export the data in an xml format so that the shifted location to utilize NAD83 grid coordinates is retained. I can't see anything in the xml export options that can be changed to allow this. Any ideas?


  • Figured out the answer to my own question. When importing the original xml, I entered the state plane scale factor (1.00012) in the “Select Projection” menu.

    After the xml was done importing, I went to the “Configuration” menu and changed the state plane scale factor from 1.00012 back to 1.

    I was then able to re-export the xml with it retaining the correct positioning applied to it by the state plane scale factor adjustment. This was confirmed by importing the re-exported xml to ensure that it matched the position of the original xml imported with the state plane scale factor applied.