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How can I fix artifacts in my 3d display - Imported into 3dsmax

Hi, I have exported a few different formats of a test 3d mesh from GM. IEach of them have these random shifting artifacts in the viewport. I have latest direct 3d drivers, GTX 1080Ti video card, 64gig of ram and using 3dsmax 2021 (also tested in 2017 same problem) I have relocated the mesh to the origin. Also the verticies seem not to be welded. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? The render looks ok after welding all the verticies.

Any help much appreciated,

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  • mcsmoother
    mcsmoother Global Mapper User

    This may help,

    My process is:

    Shift model to origin in GM

    Export using DXF, Legacy mode

    Import into MAX

    Convert to editable poly, weld verts

    Sometimes there are flipped normals, so I apply a standard material, perform planar UV mapping

    use XView to select flipped UV faces, then apply normals modifier and flip them.


  • Thanks so much Mark.

    I will run my export through your process.

    It would be great to be able to weld verts on export etc.

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