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Shortcut for switching between "color lidar by RGB" and "color lidar by classification"

GoranBregovic Global Mapper User

Is there a way to make this a keystroke shortcut?

It would help when manually classifying pointcloud. Or do you have another recommendation for this workflow? Maybe its possible to setup two views side by side, one with "Color lidar by RGB" and the other view "Color by classification"?


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  • bmg_mike
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    Right now, the only way that I can think of to do this would be to create a Python script that used the GM_SetMiscOption function with GM_MiscOpt_SetLidarDrawMode to change the Lidar draw mode. That script could then be assigned to a hotkey if it was the last run script.

    However, I will add something for the next v25.0 beta so that the different Lidar draw modes will show up in the Set up Favorites Shortcut Keys option on the Favorites drop-down on the toolbar. Once that is there you will be able to assign a hotkey to whatever draw modes that you want to make changing them easy.



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  • 946
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    I would load the same lidar layer twice and use one as a reference. Like this you could set one view for each and modify from layer option

  • GoranBregovic
    GoranBregovic Global Mapper User

    Thats clever. thanks