Global Mapper v25.0

Creating a Grid only inside polygons


I came across the following problem: I am creating a grid from seperated and closed polygons on my DEM, but when doing this Global Mapper 17.2 doesn't respect the borders and just interpolates across the whole layer. Is there a way to only interpolate inside the polygons and not over all? If I do it one by one it's workig fine.


  • Hi @Benni1801

    Not sure if I fully understand your issue, but sounds like you could just try creating closed areas from each of your polygons (if they aren't closed already?), then select all of them and when creating your Elevation Grid select "Crop to Selected Area Feature(s)" on the Grid Bounds menu, as per below.

    Hope this helps.



  • I have found that option yes but the problem I still have is that some polygons that in my opinion are closed already stilled dont get interpolated. But maybe it was/is a CAD error