Global Mapper v25.0

Crop Contours to Point File Data


I have several point files that i want to create contours from. I am using GENERATE_ELEV_GRID to generate my surface, then GENERATE_CONTOURS to generate my DWG. Everything works well, but i end up with contours on the triangulation from the elevation grid output. I cant crop to polygon as i have no polygon file, only the point file area. How can i trim or crop the contours to the area of data. I thought the parameter was GRID_USE_CONSTRAINTS but this did not work. Attached is the issue, showing the drey point file data over the contours. I want the contours to finish on the grid boundary so the contours continue to cleanly to the next tile once processed:


  • Hi, any feedback on this one?

  • Hi @burt46

    Not sure if it will works as absolutely cleanly as you need, but one option would be to select your elevation point data (or just near the boundary if its a huge file) and then right click and under "Advanced Feature Creation Options" select "Create Coverage Area (Concave Hull) for Selected /Loaded Features".

    This will form a boundary around your point data that if you select it when creating contours you can crop your contours to.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I found a workaround, basically load all the point data, then convert to LAS, then generate contours and export using the GM tile feature (i used 10km x 10 km tiles). I dont get the tile areas as per the original point file limits, but it will do.

    Thanks again for the reply.