Global Mapper v25.0

Mismatch between manual and script elevation grids using GENERATE_ELEV_GRID


I am using Global Mapper v21.0 to generate elevation grid & export it as ASCII for a mining site from input mine planner sites.  I want to automate this process as I am doing it every week.

I used the GENERATE_ELEV_GRID in scripting and it generates the grid, but it doesn’t look exactly like the manually generated one when I put them on top of each other.

I use all the default options when I generate it manually except for Manually Specify Grid Spacing which I put as 5 meters for both x & y axis. I add this in the command as:


Noting that when I exclude the grid spacing, the manual and script grids are identical. I have to specify spacing any way as the data is too big.

Is there any step that I missing here, or did anyone encountered this problem and managed to fix it?


  • After analysis I found that there is shift in the resolution origin by 2.5m between the manual and the script grid. I am still not able to fix this issue.