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Grouping layers based to attribute value

AndreaR Global Mapper UserTrusted User

Hi all,

I have uploaded many layers, and every single area features in these layers has an attribute called "Phone Number" which contains the value of mobile phone.

My goal is to create a script that groups the areas features into new layers named based to values of attribute "Phone Number".

At the end I would to have the new layers called:

"Mobile Number 4353434343" (with all areas features matching in "Phone Number" Attribute with value 4353434343)

"Mobile Number 222333444" (with all areas features matching in "Phone Number" Attribute with value 222333444)

and so on for any others numbers and layers.

Is possible help me with a scripting line to write to do this?

Thanks in advanced



  • AndreaR, Upload a file, for example, with 3-4 phone numbers. To avoid information leakage, replace the numbers with 111111, 222222, 333333. Or whatever you prefer.

  • AndreaR
    AndreaR Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Thanks tikhpetr for reply

    I upload one file with only six level for test, where in the attribute "Numero Cellulare" ther is the cellular number that i want to use for create a new level group.

    The first gmp named ORIGINAL_FILE is the project when i import all data (keep in mind that in reality there are hundreds of levels)

    The second file named RESULT_THAT_I_WANT, is exactly how i'm aspect the result after pass a script file. I would to have each levels group named: Cell Num + number of phone that i get from attribute named "Numero Cellulare" with inside the correct areas.



  • Hello Andrea!

    Sorry for the long silence - the system collapsed. Restoring software and data took a lot of effort and time. I think you understand why.)) I will answer the essence of your question in the next 2 days.

    Again sorry for the delay!