Global Mapper v25.0

How do I find out how much a layer has been shifted?

I have used the tool "Shift Layers a Fixed Distance" and just realized that after entering in values for the shift, the layer shifts that amount EVERY TIME I press the Apply button.

I had naively thought that after applying the change, the numbers represent the total amount shifted. If I am unsure about how much the layer has been shifted, or want to bring it back to zero, how would I do that? I looked at the Metadata but it doesn't have any indication of the shift. I suppose I could unload and reload the data, but I'm not sure if I ever saved over the original source file.



  • Hi Ron, I would just close the file and reload it. GM does not save over the original file. You would have to export the file out from GM and overwritten the file. It would be nice if there was a "confirmation" when you pressed Apply a second time to make sure you wish to shift the entire layer again.

  • Shifts can be undone with CTRL Z. To see how many have been applied, you can look at the Undo Manager found under Edit > Manage Undo/Redo:

    You can also load the original file again to compare it against your shifted layer.

  • Thanks. This is good to know, but doesn't help if I did the shift some time ago. The one thing that occurs to me now is that I could rename the current surface, reload the original and then figure out the difference between the two. I would prefer if GM tracked it with the metadata.

  • Good point. I've submitted this as an improvement request for the dev team's opinion as ticket #GM-15689.