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sjf Global Mapper User

I frequently use the 3D viewer to generate a video / image sequence for visualisation. But I encounter a few challenges:

  1. the 3D viewer view is wider than the generated 16 by 9 video and images (these are cropped in). So I have to zoom out more. But it is very difficult to get this right. So I can only see the sesults after I have the video - then I have to manually adjust the view points in the flight line; It would be handy to have an overlay of the view that will be in the video (guides)
  2. To adjust the flight line: is there an easy way to just adjust one parameter sequence - pe height without re-setting all parameters. So adjust all heights in the flightline from 200 meters to 225 in one go and not reset the directions. (now I have to do them one by one)
  3. resuse the flightline on an other location: I use the raw LiDar point source - as a way to generate a drone like fight - I can color the points with anything I like - very convenient (like a map or an updated areal photo for point colouring): would it be possible to move a generated standard flight line to another location? (so keep the flightline statistisc like heigt and direction but just move it to another location to generate the flight-video?

thanks Stefan


  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    regarding point 1:

    MIKE I think there is a bug in the field of view settings in the environment settings of the 3D view properties.

    Maybe there is a hidden setting or a settings over-ride or something in the properties that are used when generating a video / image sequence.

    Would be great if what you see in the viewer (and adjust using settings height angle etc) is what you get as a result in generated video and image sequence.

    cheers Stefan

  • To add on to sjf's #2 point, I'd also love to see some improvements to the video rendering and setting up the flight paths. Pix4d has a great process for this that lets you define a bunch of views by storing your current view, then letting you adjust the parameters for each waypoint after. It'd be great to have something similiar in global mapper.

  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User


    I also think there is a bug in the 3D viewer when rendering a flightpath. The field of view is different. See my other post.